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Mezcla is a modern culinary experience rooted in Latin American and Pacific Islander traditions.


Our Vision

A world where everyone can be themselves and enjoy the moment. 

The daily routine can take a toll on everyone. In a world full of rules and social conventions, we give our guests an opportunity to take a mental and physical break. Loosen the tie, take the high heels off and disconnect from the outside world, only to go back feeling inspired and recharged.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on providing our guests with only fresh, high quality ingredients and recipes that are made with love, care, and attention to detail. 

We use our Latin American and Pacific Islander roots to take our guests into a fully immersive experience that transports them to an escape south of the border and includes unique craft cocktails, exotic spirits, lively music, positive energy and warm Latin hospitality. Mezcla is simply a happy moment, a happy place.



At Mezcla, we care about energy, creating positive energy and making it flow. 

The first thing our symbol represents is energy, waves that flow and unlike normal waves, get stronger as they get away from their origin.
The second analogy is a fingerprint. At Mezcla we pride ourselves in being unique, from our recipes to our personalities, we find value in the differences.

Our symbol is a window into the atmosphere where all this positive and unique energy is found.

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